Desk of Chairman

word of wisdom from chairman

Education is not merely a process of information transaction. It is a miracle that tunes our life in harmony with existence all around us. The main objective of education is to bestow the unity of truth and holistic development. We devote our complete attention in transferring information to learners. But we forget that by stressing this we make a break between the intellectual, physical and spiritual life. Education is not the process of finding ourselves, it is all about creating ourselves. The fine touch of educating the students of surrounding tribal belt intends to supplement their being with highest human qualities.

It is rightly said that aim of education is not only to shape the career and to earn money for livelihood, it has higher purpose. Education isn’t worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make living but doesn’t teach them how to make life. The aim of life is accomplishment of ‘Sat Chit Anand´. Education is instrumental in realizing and comprehending deeper, larger and higher truths of human existence. Life aim at knowing and improwing, education enlightens it is manifestation of divinity.

Education brings wisdom. Education can be termed as holistic when it makes us wise. Our task as institate of higher education isthe holistic development of our Students. Individual wisdom will gradually be transformed into collective wisdom. The conversion of individual wisdom will lead us to the revelation of the divine in the human and it will finally unveil the essence of divinity in entire humanity.

“Faith is composed of the heart’s intention. Light comes through faith. Through faith men come to prayer, faith in the morning, faith at noon and at the setting of the sun. O faith , give us faith !”