Desk of Principal

word of wisdom from principle

The highest function of education is to bring about an integrated individual who is capable of dealing with life as a whole .


There is no faith stronger than the one we can have in our youth. There is no responsibility greater and urgent than ascertaining and cherishing the freedom and knowledge of our younger generation. Let their joy and well being become our prime priority, with full concern for their lives and their holistic development. Let us see that young minds that come to our door to educate themselves are fully liberated for unsurpassed growth and spiritual enfoldment. We as an institute of higher education strive to give our pupils enough freedom and space, open land and clear sky to grow in harmony and peace.

There can be hardly a completely uniform way of educating. Even in global economy we need to take our own paths to touch the finish line of cultivating good human being and promoting cosmic harmony. We tend to adopt educational methods that suit our culture and local wisdom. We aim to cultivate wise, proficient, competent, creative, holistic individuals. Indeed our students should do more than meet the standard, they should set it. The ideas are very noble. Our students must not only have to survive amidst today’s changes, they must be able to create innovative and hopeful tomorrows.

Education must offer a decent living to enjoy the richness of life, explore the spiritual magnitude of existence and enable them to participate responsibly in local, national and global affairs.

Limited time frustrates our aspirations. Misuses of time undermine our best offers. Used wisely and well, time can be the equalizer towards ‘holistic development of our student’. The transformation we seek requires a widespread convocation in our society that learning matters first and side by side comes the idea of earning.

Learning matters not simply because it leads to better jobs or produces national wealth, but because it uplifts the human spirit and assures social well being.

Certainly nothing will change as long as education remains convenient time bound activity. We aspire as an institution to diliver that education must become joy rising activity.

Nothing liberates except knowledge but a step further we say that key to liberate learning lies in unchaining the mind and self.

Vedas say